Increase your productivity - slash your labor cost.
Only International Fiber Packaging offers Ultra Twist® Tek™ - with the fastest automatic bale tying systems in the world. Ultra Twist® Tek™ delivers blazing fast cycle times, less than 0.001% tie failure rate, and production capabilities in excess of 60 to 80 bales per hour! Ultra Twist® Tek™ uses super strong galvanized steel ties to form unbelievably tough knots. Ultra Twist® Tek™ features compact size and versatility, easy to use touch screen operation, as well as the IFP promise of Guaranteed Reliable Performance. Compared to alternative tying methods, Ultra Twist® Tek™ is simply more economical, flat out faster, and the most capable of reaping more profits for your fiber business. Contact us today for more information.
Ultra Twist® Tek™ 5500
Ultra Twist® Tek™ 6300
Ultra Twist® Tek™ 6600
• Ultra Twist Tek 5500
• Ultra Twist Tek 6300
• Ultra Twist Tek 6600
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We use recycled material.