International Fiber Packaging offers the most options in Cotton Topper® Premium.
Module covers to protect your harvest from the elements. Our module covers are constructed of only top quality materials by quality controlled production processes. Cotton Topper® Premium Module Covers are double stitched throughout and feature one-piece, seamlessly construction, fitted top 6.5 oz. fabric, ravel-free mesh, superb ultraviolet resistance, extra tie downs, and reinforced fabric in high stress areas for worry-free performance and protection throughout your harvest. Insist on the world's best Cotton Topper® Premium Module Covers, available in four (4) styles and five (5) standard colors to meet your fiber packaging needs.
Solid Side - Belt with Buckle
Mesh Side - Belt with Buckle
Open End - Belt with Buckle (upper), Rope with Rings (lower)
Angular Side - Rope with Rings
• Solid Side
• Mesh Side
• Open End
• Angular Side
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We use recycled material.