International Fiber Packaging has alliances with the highest quality bag
manufacturers in the world. We offer bagging solutions for all of your fiber packaging needs, including imported Indian burlap, woven polypropylene, polythylene film, and cotton bagging. Our bags can be shipped directly to your business or from one of our many distribution facilities across the Cotton Belt. Our bags are guaranteed to meet or exceed JCIBPC (or other applicable) specifications. No other fiber packaging supplier in the world can offer a better quality bag or stand behind its performance like IFP.
Woven Polypropylene - Spiral Sewn Seam
Woven Polypropylene - Adhesive Seam
Polythylene Film
Burlap - Spiral Sewn Seam
Woven Cotton - Spiral Sewn Seam
• Woven Polypropylene - Sprial Sewn Seam
• Woven Polypropylene - Adhesive Seam
• Polythylene Film
• Burlap
• Woven Cotton
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IFP makes and Guarantees Reliable Performance for every product we offer. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your fiber business. We can ship directly from a location closest to you.

We use recycled material.